Axis Deer on the Austin Trophy Whitetails Hunting Ranch.Axis Deer Hunting

Individuals, groups and corporations are invited to experience the hunt of a lifetime featuring beautiful whitetail or axis on the Austin Trophy Whitetails ranch in Austin, Texas. The exquisite property includes a 6000 square-foot lodge, and deer are seen roaming on the property.

The picturesque view that is seen from the large lodge windows or from the beautiful open porches on the private property is stunning. The first step towards designing a beautiful escape from the mundane responsibilities that fill our everyday life is to choose your target.

While whitetail herds are native to Texas, axis herds are exotic. Let’s look at the history of the axis.

Should I Hunt Axis or Whitetail in Austin, Texas?

In 1923, axis deer were brought from India to Texas for food purposes. The axis herds were placed in fenced sites, but many of the deer escaped captivity and became established in Texas. It is estimated that there are currently approximately 6,000 to 8,000 free-ranging axis in Texas with another 40,000 in private ranches, like the Texas hunt lodge at Austin Trophy Whitetails.

Mature axis males are similar in size to the average whitetail buck and weigh between 150 to 250 pounds, and females are typically under 150 pounds. The style is somewhat different when you compare a whitetail buck hunt to an exotic axis. Here’s why I recommend hunting axis over whitetail deer.

Axis Herds vs. Whitetails

Axis herds include males and females of different ages throughout the entire year. Axis also rut all year long, so it is not unusual to see animals ranging from young fawns to hard antlered males, males with velvet antlers and males with antlers in different stages of maturity.


An axis hunt requires stealth, preparation and a good shot, which is also true for whitetails. Axis kills need a precise shot. One false move can send them running. Your placement is critical, and the challenge is exciting.

Weapon Versatility

If you choose to hunt whitetail deer, you must obtain a tag for your weapon. But, this isn’t required for Texas exotics like axis deer. You can use a variety of weapons, including a rifle, crossbow or compound bow to kill an axis doe or buck. Every hunt can be as unique as you desire.

When I’m on a hunt with a group, I enjoy watching them strategize using a different weapon than I’m using. I may choose to use that weapon in the future if I find it successful.

Axis Tips

When you hunt whitetail deer, it’s all about choosing your stand and waiting it out. Stands are also the most common way to kill axis, but ground blinds, commercial shooting houses and other options are also available.


Axis meat is considered one of the tastiest game meats. It is a beautiful, deep red, and it contains less than 1% fat. It can be purchased in meat stores or on the open market for more than $20 a pound.


An axis hunt on a private ranch typically requires only three days, while a whitetail hunt usually requires five days. The shorter time requirement provides hunters with more options. You can enjoy an axis hunt during a long weekend in Texas, rather than taking an entire week off of work.


Axis hunts typically provide the average hunter with a quality shot at a mature buck within three days. Plus, some ranches allow axis hunters to take one buck, one doe and as many wild hogs as they can shoot during their hunt. Check regulations and prices with the Texas hunt lodge before you plan your hunt. Wonderful experiences are common in Austin, Texas.

Recently, there were 12 hunters on a Texas hunt, and everyone got a quality shot at a buck. My uncle killed a buck, plus a doe, and two  pigs. This was the experience of a lifetime for him.

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