Blackbuck Hunting in Texas


The Thrill of Hunting Blackbuck in Austin

Blackbuck Antelope on the hunting ranch in Austin, Texas.Hunting is an exciting sport. If you are ready to experience the hunt of a lifetime, you should consider inviting a group to join you at the Austin Trophy Whitetails hunting ranch. The approximately 300-acre property is full of live oak, shin oak, pasture grass and hill country ridges. It has been a favorite hunting ground since the Pre-Columbian era.

The high-fenced property is stringently managed per level three of the Wildlife Department’s Managed Lands Deer Permit program. Many years of strategic feeding and breeding has resulted in massive and mature herds of native and exotic animals. Whitetail deer hunting is a popular choice, but many hunters enjoy the unique thrill of blackbuck hunting on the gorgeous Austin ranch.

The blackbuck antelope originates in India and was brought to Texas in 1932. It has reproduced and is thriving today in Texas. Some blackbuck antelope have also settled in Mexico. Blackbuck hunting is a popular choice, and hunters travel from all over the United States for the thrill of the hunt. The most successful hunters investigate their prey to learn its strengths and weaknesses before the hunt. It is our pleasure to share with you some insight and knowledge about blackbuck hunting.

Details of the Blackbuck Antelope

The blackbuck name refers to the mature male’s black back, and the most dominant males are usually the darkest in color. Both males and females have white accents around the eyes and on the chin, ears, belly and rump. The male is most known for exquisite, large and profoundly beautiful corkscrew horns. The v-shaped horns are approximately 20 inches in length. The male is about 29 inches in height, and females average 28 inches at the shoulder. Females weigh between 55 to 60 pounds, and adult males weigh 80 to 85 pounds.

The male is territorial by nature, and the dominant males control the most desirable grazing areas. The prime grazing areas also attract females and provide breeding opportunities. The blackbuck female breeds one month after having a baby buck or doe and typically produces a yearling every six months.

Blackbuck antelope are herbivores and primarily feed on grass, but they browse for other food when the grass becomes dry. The blackbuck antelope competes with the native white-tailed deer for food when grass and other sources of food are limited. The blackbuck antelope uses bushy areas and open grazing land. Dry climates and mild winters are ideal for blackbuck, but they struggle during the occasional harsh Texas winter when vegetation is hardest to find. Blackbuck may live around 12 years with a maximum lifespan of 16 years.

Tips for Hunting Blackbuck Antelopes

The blackbuck exotic species is limited to North America and provides a challenging and exhilarating hunt. The most common method for hunting blackbuck is the stalk and hunt strategy. Blackbucks move quickly once alerted of anger, and the hunter must instantly decide to shoot or go after the animal. Because the antelope are relatively small and slender, the hunter must be quick and accurate. Some hunters find the hunt especially challenging because they overestimate the size of the animal based on the size of the horns. Most experienced hunters recommend lower caliber rifles. The flat-shooting .243 is a good weapon for these antelope. Blackbuck meat is tasty, and the hind is beautiful. Many hunters enjoy creating a beautiful mount after a successful hunt.

The blackbuck antelope is an exotic species that is thriving in a limited area in North America, and the opportunity to hunt an exotic animal close to home adds to the value of the hunting experience. The Austin Trophy Whitetails Ranch specializes in blackbuck antelope and whitetail deer hunting. The unique property is available for individual, group and corporate events. The highly-respected Austin hunting ranch is a beautiful and lush property that draws hunters from all over the USA.