Gone hunting. Deer hunting season in Austin, Texas.

Prepare for the Next Hunting Season

Austin is the fourth most popular city in Texas, but the center of this beautiful city includes a lovely area that is void of the hustle and bustle of city life. The experience of a lifetime awaits an individual, group or corporate unit that features beautiful whitetail and a beautiful, 6,000 square-foot, newly-built lodge. Plus, this exquisite property is also situated close to the popular downtown area, which is an added bonus for tourists who would like to experience all that the state has to offer.

The Austin Trophy Whitetails Ranch has whitetail roaming the property and offers a fantastic experience away from the grind of daily life. The large lodge windows and beautiful open porches provide a picturesque view of the property and allow access to a peace that words cannot describe. Men and women struggle to express the abundance of energy and refreshment that enters their mind and emotions during their stay on the property. Some people escape for several weekends each year and others schedule a one to three-week experience that blows the dust from their lives and refills them with the passion they need to invest in their career, business, or personal areas of life.

Why Choose to Hunt Texas Whitetails?

Hunting whitetails is one of the most popular activities in Texas, and staying on a ranch provides you with access to acres and acres of space to hunt. Groups can be coordinated to track whitetails together while they visit the lodge, and individuals can enjoy leisure time on their own. Deer may be seen from the windows of the modern facility, but most hunters choose to scout a deer for a day or two, enjoy the landscape and enjoy the hunt. Whitetails are impressive and are typically mounted and displayed as a trophy on the wall in homes, rec rooms or businesses.

Tips for Finding Your Whitetail Trophy

1. Choose Your Location

The acres and acres on the gorgeous ranch provide ample productive food sources for whitetails. Search for areas that include:

Water sources
Field edges
Food plots
Clover fields
Patches of thick cover

As the season progresses, this sport will require you to display pure ingenuity. You will need to locate a spot where your trophy can emerge as darkness approaches. They may enter the field from a position that allows them to scan for danger in advance, and they typically pause at the edge of the woods before they jog or sprint about 50 to 75 yards. This behavior allows them to see in every direction.

2. Apply Strategies

Several strategies will improve your odds as you target a trophy whitetail. For example, you may choose to hang your stand in a well-used trail that is less than 50 yards inside the woods and 10 to 15 yards off the trail. Setting up a productive position will improve your shooting coverage.

Prepare your stand well in advance of your first hunt, and only hunt in this area when the wind is perfect. Older bucks will not make repeated mistakes and will not enter an area where the wind has warned them the day before of your scent. It may be beneficial to have two or three backup stands to use during various wind conditions.

3. Research

You will enjoy learning all there is to learn, and completing research before your hunt will add value to your experience. For example, there’s a difference between hunting a doe and a buck. Hunters may whistle or blow to stop a doe from trotting towards a safe zone. There are ways to outsmart even the smartest whitetail buck or doe.

4. Apps

There are essential apps that can help you discover new places the hunt, ways to attract a big buck and that will help you find your way back to the lodge with a built-in GPS. Smartphones are often used by deer hunters as an essential tool, but they can be a distraction that steals your attention during a critical moment.

The SAS Survival Guide is an example of a premium app. It provides useful information like a photo gallery of animal tracks, edible plants, types of snakes, a hunter’s checklist, compass and extreme climate survival tips. The first-aid section is also valuable.


Book your Austin hunt today at Austin Trophy Whitetails. The experience of a lifetime eagerly awaits you.